Hi, and welcome to the hemsedal folder on www.urvik.no.

Thank you all for a plesant experience. Here are pictures from the nice weekend in Hemsedal. Pictures taken by several people, with my camera.

People - pictures of the people who got caught on chip. For all of those who's not here - I'm sorry about that. Try again next time ;-).

Place - interioir and exterior of the Russian Winter Palace.

Secret - pictures not meant to be published at all.

Trashy - pictures with lower quality, "duplicates", blurred/dim, red-eyes, bad illumination etc. Though still put out so you can browse trough them if you want.

Trip - pictures from Alf, Inge and Tore's trip to and from Hemsedal.

For prining/publishing, obtain the original raw file for higher quality (not put out on this server). I'll e-mail it when requested.

All pictures, © Tore 2003.
tore@urvik.no , +47 908 62 999 .